Civic Issues

Resolving Civic and Health Issues:

PSS has been working closely with Kandivali–Malad Nagari Vikas Sanghatana (KMNVS), which is a community based organisation playing an important role in creating awareness among people about their rights. This partnership has helped get tremendous response to our health programs. People are gradually becoming aware of their right to basic health facilities and are availing the benefit. A few years ago we focused on the sanitation issues at Kranti nagar and KMNVS with the help of the local government representative were able to construct toilets.

It has been our constant endeavour to partner with such local bodies at regular intervals in order to resolve several other civic and sanitation issues.

Resource Centre for Education:

A resource center is one way to educate people of the community on sustainable economic development. The Resource centre provides a community-run space where local young girls and women can obtain education and employment related information and additional resources on social and political empowerment, health, and other important issues.

We started the resource center in the community to educate community people regarding the services or facilities available to them by the government and help them to get relevant documentation. This initiative has helped to build confidence within the community, especially among the women and youth.